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  • 无锡市群星线缆有限公司
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    development history development history
    • Company establishment

      Located at Guanfeng Road, Guanlin Town

    • Registered trademark

      "Qunfeng" Trademark Registration

    • Won the honor of famous and excellent enterprises in Jiangsu Province

      Relocation of the company to a new location: Industrial Centralized Area C of Guanlin Town

      "Qunfeng" Brand Wire and Cable Products won the title of China's Key Protected Products

    • Jiukai Holding Group wholly-owned Holding Star Company

      Doubling annual output and sales revenue for the first time

      Winning the third-level enterprise of safety production standardization

      The company set up provincial R&D centers with high specifications and investment

      "Radial combined waterproof control cable", "integrated water-resisting and piezoelectric power cable", "wear-resisting and tension-resisting and rodent-proof power cable" and "halogen-free and low smoke flame-retardant polyolefin sheathed environmental protection cable" have been identified by Jiangsu high-tech products.

    • New Nano-inorganic Mineral Fire-proof Cable Project

      Confirmation of provincial high-tech enterprises

      Establishment of Shanghai Operating Center for QunXing Cables

      Through the company's CI system program, we comprehensively implement three aspects: concept recognition MI, behavior recognition BI and visual recognition VI

      New nano-inorganic mineral fire-proof cable project will be put into operation

    • Winning the title of "High-tech Enterprise"

      Through expert review, the engineering and technical research center of Qunxing Fire Cable has been approved to establish a customer experience center and put into use formally, which is open to customers in an all-round way.

      The company has won "Credit China. (Wire and Cable Industry) Ten Most Competitive Honesty Brands"

      Chairman Liu Junbo was awarded "Top Ten Most Influential Leaders in China's Wire and Cable Industry"

      Qunfeng Trademark and Map is recognized as a famous trademark in Jiangsu Province

    • Pass B(1) Fire Cable Certification

      Acquired "Wuxi Certified Enterprise Technology Center"

      Demonstration Enterprise of Integration of Industrialization and Diversification in Wuxi City

      Four authorized patents and one high-tech product